Friday, April 20, 2012

Japanese Water Stone

My friend sent me a 1500 and 8000 grit combo Japanese water stone and a Negura slurry stone.

 I sharpened my kitchen blades first just to get used to how the slurry worked. It worked damn good! 5 minutes per knife was all it took.

 Here's the result;
The result of thinking about other things

The little bastige that done it!!

I was peeling a mango. Lucky it wasn't the Red Imp razor, that would have sliced to the bone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

TB Knives artwork

Collection of three, Australian hardwood handles, mirror polished carbon steel blades, brass fittings, hidden full tang.
Milknife top
Bowie middle
Bush utility bottom

Push dagger, spear shape carbon steel blade, slight mirror polish, brass fitting, hardwood grip

Two push daggers and a bush utility. Micarta handles, the yellow one looks like bone in a different light.

Black ebony and bone micarta, mirror polished blades. Works of great beauty.

Different view of above two, see how the yellow handle is looking more like bone?

Looks even more like bone with a mirror polish of it's own.

Milknife with a custom belt sheath. Australian hardwood handle, brass fittings and polished blade, now resides on the belt of a cavalry man.

Two of a kind? Bead blasted blades, olive canvas micarta handles. I have the Milknife, the push dagger when to a "government employee"

Hadji Smatchet, black micarta handle, full hidden tang, brass guard. Now travelling around Afghanistan taking in the sites.

These are just some of the masterful work of TB knives. He does excellent work and I am proud to be associated with him.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Custom Knives Kiridashi. Mirror polished carbon tool steel blade. Paracord wrap.

Fits in the palm of your hand.

Neck sheath

Close up

Side view of straight Tanto

Right side

Left side, or is it?

TB Knives Milknife. Green canvas micarta handle, hidden tang, double level bevel, brass guard, bead blasted carbon steel blade. custom kydex belt sheath.

TB Knives multitool. Can opener, bottle opener, hole punch. Australian Hardwood grip, polished carbon steel. Definitely NOT for sale.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Custom made sheaths

Cold Steel SRK Custom Sheath for US Marine.
A$55.00 Not in Stock. Knife not included.

Custom belt sheath for Cold Steel SRK

Neck sheath for custom Kiridashi knife
A$30. Not in Stock. Not including knife.
A$55 Knife included.

Custom Milknife Sheath supports full weight of 10kgs of Load Bearing Vest with no sign of strain let alone breaking.

Milknife in belt sheath on LBV belt

TB Knives Milknife with custom hard wood handle in Custom Kydex Sheath.
A$350 Knife and sheath combo. Not in Stock.
A$55 for sheath only.
A$295 for Knife.